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Why Take English Classes With "Online English Teacher"

Choose Your Learning Topics

You can learn with the teacher what topics you want.

Different Areas

Learn about the IELTS, or any other areas.


We have e-courses for the IELTS exam mainly.

Exams And Certificates

We can prepare you for exams like the IELTS and give a certificate after finishing.

Have Your Progress Reviewed Regularly

Your tutor can review your progress regularly and give feedback accordingly.


We can give you writing homework, etc..

Keep In Touch With Your Tutor

It is easy to keep in touch with your tutor during working hours, via email, or Skype, etc..


You can change how many classes you want a week, according to your free time.

Payment Methods

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Western Union or other possible options.


We also have a large amount of free resources, including quizzes.


You can agree your schedule days and times according to your free time.


We have a track record of having helped various students succeed in the IELTS exam and business English, etc..

Support Forum

We have an English learning support forum, where you can ask questions.


Our English teachers are experienced native speakers from the UK and North America.

Teaching English Online Since January 2007

The founder has been teaching English online since January 2007 = about 10 years.

Use On Laptops/iPhones

You can take the "live" classes using your laptop, iPhone or another supported device.

Successful Students

Some of our many successful students' testimonials, for the IELTS exam, business English and general English.

"Sorry for the late notice but I wanted to tell you that I got the results I needed to study at King's College London. I needed an IELTS overall score of 7 and got 8.

Listening: 9.0
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 6.0

Overall: 8.0"

A. in France, July 2014

"I saw Philip's advertisment at IELTS forum and I took trial Lesson for $1. I like the way that he taught me writing. I took 3x55min lessons. In only 3 lessons he helped me to increase my Score from 5.5 to 6. It was incredible. I suggest Philip to everyone who needs help in writing."

M. In Turkey, October 2014

"I decided to continue my education abroad, and on of the major problems was to pass the IELTS exam. I had enough experience in reading and listening, but I had never been abroad and almost never spoke and wrote on English. My time was limited by 1 month and I had to improve these skills anyway. Skype classes seemed to be the best solution in this situation. I started to search and found a lot of agencies, but their services were very expencieve. I believed that I can find a coach directly without agents and found Philip from "this website".

We had a free call, when he told about his experience and described conditions, which I found very suitable in my situation. I ordered 10 group classes for $189, but all this time I was a single student in his group! Furthermore, I worked and I easily chose an appropriate time for classes after my work. I want to note that Philip is a great teacher: his English is clear, he can listen, gently corrects mistakes and likes to joke. We trained speaking and writing: firstly we checked my writing homework and after that we spoke like on the exam. He teached how to build my speech, patiently listened my answers and corrected my mistakes and pronounciation. I ordered additional 10 classes with no doubt.

Philip has a great method of performing the writing part of the exam. He gave me a template, which contained about 40% of the all texts and I just had to to write the rest part of tasks! These 40% contains necessary words and phrases, which make text scientific and rich. But the fact that I knew what to write was the most important. Moreover, he even checked my handwriting style and gave the advice how to improve

The classes are enriching, interesting and funny, which are qualities difficult to find in the same teacher. Of course they are also demanding, but personally, this is the best decision I could take to learn English."

S. in Russia, 2011

"Philip is an amazing english teacher. I started having english classes a month ago. At this moment I really can notice the changes in my speech and listening.
He is very thoughtful and very demanding. In a few time, people could do any activity, but I think that as most demanding you are about something the more and better you will achieve. Goals are achieved in a long period working hard as we have been working every day. Thank you Philip!"

Fernando D., Brazil, November 2007
"Hello, I am Klaus, I am an IT-engineer and I work in Germany. I have started my english classes with Philip some weeks ago. so quickly as possible, because I work more and more in IT-Projects, where the project-language is english. I am absolutly satisfied in Philip's Internet-Skype-School, because for me, it is the best way to make fast improvements.
The reasons for my satisfation are the following:
- for participating in these classes i can stay at home or even being for example in a hotel (with DSL-Connection). My class, my teacher is everywhere with me.
- Classes are executed in a very high professional and high quality
- The work is intense and individual, because there are few participants.
- In classes there are great teaching components like: role-plays, written excercises, discussions, clear explanations for clarifying words, expressions, rules etc..
- additionaly i have fun to learn in this classes with other participants around the world.
So i can absolutly recommend Philip's english-teaching-classes."

Klaus B., France, February 2007
"Philip is a very good teacher. The best english teacher I've ever met. With him, I could take 10 courses on a week without I have to wait, after that I could go to work in Ireland. I've been living in Ireland for 6 months now. So tank you very much for your knoledge of teaching. You have changed my life, I think I wouldn't had been here if I hadn't had Philip's courses. Tank you very much for everything."

Florian J., France, March 2008
"I needed to study English and I was completely sure about what I wanted: A native online teacher to teach me only on weekends. I surfed on the Internet and I found several, but only Philip offered the best of the best, so I did not hesitate to be one of his students.
Since I began learning English with him, I have noticed the increase of my confidence in the language. I have improved not only my writing, but also my listening and speaking skills.
Thank to him I have learnt also the different shade of meanings, says and structures that let me be a better English speaker in my job and in my daily life.
The classes are enriching, interesting and funny, which are qualities difficult to find in the same teacher. Of course they are also demanding, but personally, this is the best decision I could take to learn English."

Elena L., Spain, April 2010
"Because I should like to travel to foreign countries I would improve my English and when I was surfing on internet one evening I suddenly found a native teacher. I subscribed immediately and followed lessons during nine months wich was a good decision. Philip is probably one of the best teachers you can imagine. My pronunciation and understanding have been improved a lot. I can now listen to the BBC wich is an enrichment. And I have also much more confidence when I speak. I can recommend it to everyone."

Johan B., Belgium, January 2010
"I'm Angela, 56 years old, medical doctor, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been receivng english classes from Phillip, a native britanic english teacher, twice/week for last 15 months. Because of his professionalism and dynamic personality, the classes have high quality level and are also very interesting. I'm glad with my results since I'm improving my pronunciation and speaking very fast. If you are looking for a serious english classes by internet I strongly suggest Phillip as your teacher."

Angela E., Brazil, December 2008

Meet The Teachers

Our experienced native English teachers are from the UK and North America.

Teacher Philip From England
"I am a native English teacher from Sussex (below London), England. I have taught part and full-time since 1996 in England, India, Japan and Spain, online for about 10 years since January 2007 and taken several teaching courses and also 1.5 degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing."

Teacher Tom From Canada
"I am based in Canada and currently have over 20 years teaching experience including over 6 years teaching online experience (can teach the TOEFL exam)."

Teacher Mark From England
"I also prepare students for the Cambridge PET, 1st Certificate, IELTS, TESOL y CAE advanced exams and giving school-work support classes. I teach students face to face and via Skype, telephone and Vyew virtual classroom."

Teacher Natalya From England
"As an experienced TEFL Teacher I have worked with both children and adults of various levels. My lessons have been with groups and individuals, sometimes requiring me to prepare students for Cambridge exams. I have worked in a mixture of establishments including private language schools and Summer camp, as well as provided lessons via Skype.

I have a Trinity TESOL certificate as well as a PTLLS qualification (level 4), NVQ Level 3 in Supporting Teaching Learning as well as a degree in Tourism Management.

I am a hard working teacher who believes that the learning process should be fun and educational. I am very adaptable and always willing to learn."

Skype Class Prices

(Can Also Use Other Softwware)

    • Group Classes

    • $16 For 1 Class

      • Each Class = 55 Minutes
      • Maximum 5 Students In A Group - We Can Find The Other Students
      • Includes Writing Homework + Support Forum
      • Access To IELTS E-courses
      • Buy The First Class 1/2 Price = $8 - Also Buy 10 Classes + Get 1 Free
    • 1st Class 1/2-Price
    • Long Single Student Classes

    • $80 For 1 Class

      • Each Class = 55 Minutes
      • Maximum 1 Student In A Class
      • Includes Writing Homework + Support Forum
      • Access To IELTS E-courses
      • Buy The First Class 1/2 Price = $40 - Also Buy 10 Classes + Get 1 Free
    • 1st Class 1/2-Price